2018 marked another superb year for Edwards Lowell

Our 2018 was a remarkable year!!

2018 – Another big year for us at Edwards Lowell. To a bigger and better year in 2019! Seaons Greetings. #luxury #events #achievement #someday #campaigns #newboutique #whatayear #edwardslowell #onefamily

Geplaatst door Edwards Lowell op Zaterdag 22 december 2018


The Cawnpore Cup – Hublot

Saturday 9th June marked the date that many luxury and sports aficionados alike look forward to: the Cawnpore Cup.


Held at the Malta Polo Club, Edwards Lowell and Hublot teamed up with Veuve Clicquot to exquisite effect and their guests were able to enjoy free flowing champagne and delicious nibbles throughout the entire event whilst taking in the gorgeous surroundings that the 350 square meter enclosure which was erected especially for the event offered. Read More 

The Cawnpore Cup 2018 Luxury Hospitality area by Edwards Lowell & Hublot in collaboration with Veuve Clicquot. Check out event article here – https://bit.ly/2KhYI3m #hublot #edwardslowell #polo #cawnporecup #event

Geplaatst door Edwards Lowell op Donderdag 28 juni 2018



Someday Campaign launch featuring Prof. Edward De Bono

Synonymous with luxury since 1925, Edwards Lowell launched its new promotional campaign named: “Someday…everything will make perfect sense.” Featuring local achievers and their often times creative approaches to their work and unwavering passion, the campaign’s subjects have all broken the mould in their own respective fields, succeeding both in Malta as well as internationally by building unique as well as thought-provoking legacies.

As someone who is an internationally recognised symbol of Maltese excellence who has reached iconic status both in his field and off, Edwards Lowell felt a particular resonance with De Bono’s vision for all encompassing excellence and it is for this reason that he was chosen to be the first in their series of achievers of excellence. The “Someday…everything will make perfect sense” campaign will see Edwards Lowell collaborating with people who have reached the peak of their careers and set a benchmark for future generations. Read More

Tahlia – Edwards Lowell Pearl Collection for Carla Grima

Held at the chic and newly refurbished Phoenicia Hotel, Tahlia by Carla Grima in collaboration with Edwards Lowell was an event to remember. Not only was the backdrop itself an apt fit for these exclusive brands, but the sun setting over the hotel’s infinity pool and beautiful scattered trees made for a memorable moment in fashion history. Read More

Edwards Lowell & Girard-Perregaux presents ‘Laureato Sotto Le Stelle’

*** Laureato Sotto Le Stelle ***Edwards Lowell's showcase of the GP Laureato collection by Girard-Perregaux

Geplaatst door Edwards Lowell op Woensdag 26 september 2018


Edwards Lowell opens Malta’s First Rolex Boutique

Edwards Lowell and Rolex announced the opening of a Rolex Boutique that is the first of its kind in Malta. Situated in Republic Street, Valletta, the Edwards Lowell Rolex Boutique features an innovative use of Rolex’s signature aqua pattern and a handcrafted stucco wall with a depiction of Valletta.



“This is an exciting new chapter in Edwards Lowell’s distinctive history. A singular and world-class project that aims to set new standards in Maltese retail and pave the way for future projects,”

Malcolm R. Lowell, Managing Director of Edwards Lowell.


Edwards Lowell opens Malta's first Rolex Boutique in the heart of the Capital City, Valletta.Visit official page for more info – http://elcol.com/our-stores-rolex-boutique-valletta/#edwardslowell #rolex #rolexboutique #rolexworld

Geplaatst door Edwards Lowell op Woensdag 3 oktober 2018



The Rolex Middle Sea Race 2018 – AN ANNIVERSARY EDITION

The year 2018 marked the 50th anniversary of the Rolex Middle Sea Race, one of the world’s most popular and revered 600-nautical mile races. Founded in 1968, the Rolex Middle Sea Race, starting and finishing in Malta, joins the Rolex Fastnet Race and the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, among others, as part of Rolex’s long association with offshore sailing.


Rolex Middle Sea Race 2018

Rolex Middle Sea Race 2018! 1968 – 2018. 50th years since the birth of one of of the best sailing races in the world. Event hosted by Edwards Lowell; official retailers of Rolex watches in Malta. #rolex #edwardslowell #rolexmiddlesearace #rmsr18

Geplaatst door Edwards Lowell op Donderdag 22 november 2018



Someday Campaign featuring the co-founder of the Rolex Middle Sea Race – John Ripard Sn.

Following several years as Commodore, today, he is the president of the Royal Malta Yacht Club. John Ripard is extremely representative of all the values which underpin Edwards Lowell’s ‘Someday’ campaign: he is a man who has persevered and succeeded. He has capitalised on the opportunities that have presented themselves to him thought-out his career. The link between John Ripard and Edwards Lowell was made even stronger thanks to the Middle Sea Race which has become synonymous with the Rolex brand.


Someday – John Ripard Snr

"Someday… Everything will make perfect sense"Mr John Ripard Snr; Entrepreneur, award-winning sportsman and co-founder of the Rolex Middle Sea Race.As part of the 'Someday' campaign, celebrating the 50th year anniversary of the Rolex Middle Sea Race, we proudly play tribute to Mr John Ripard SnrClick on the link below to to read more about this inspiring man – http://elcol.com/someday/john-ripard/ #edwardslowell #johnripard #someday #achievement #rolex #rolexmiddlesearace

Geplaatst door Edwards Lowell op Vrijdag 19 oktober 2018


Conceived in 1968, the Middle Sea Race was brought to life thanks to the intrepid spirit of John Ripard, his brother Paul, Jimmy White and Alan Green. Their daring spirit has continued to live on for the last fifty years and it is because of it that the Rolex Middle Sea Race attracts hundreds of sailors each year from all parts of the world. His passion and vision have forged a road for all those who dare to be bold and think big.


Plans for 2019 are looking extremely interesting for us at Edwards Lowell; from the continuing of the Someday campaign, highlighting the life and experience of some of Malta’s greatest achievers, to luxury events and opening of new boutiques.



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