Serafino Consoli

Serafino Consoli

Founded in Milan in 1960, Serafino Consoli is an internationally renowned brand that genuinely represents the Italian tradition and elegance. The fine jewellery maison is responsible for creating a sensation in the haute joaillerie – supremely inventive multi-size and adaptable jewellery.

Headquartered in the northern Italian province of Bergamo, the brand has become a synonym of their exceptionally innovative and unique ornamental creations, distinguishing itself as the creators of fine-crafted jewellery that is both stylish and cutting-edge at the same time. The company has evolved and kept on building on the innovative spirit of its founders, eventually becoming in demand worldwide across multiple continents. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, the company proliferated, increasing the market share and signing strategic agreements with prestigious luxury watchmaking and jewellery brands around the world.

Known for its revolutionary character, Serafino Consoli has been famed for having created a brand new concept in the market – resizable jewellery. Over ten years of research and development were needed to achieve every woman’s dream to be able to modify their jewellery, from enlarging an earring or pendant to transforming a ring into a bracelet, at the same time preserving the already established harmony and delicacy. Each piece of the Serafino Consoli jewellery can be adapted depending on individual needs and taste, without losing its timeless elegance.

The technology used in the manufacturing process is both simple and complicated at the same as each product consists of thousands of welding spots and has more than a hundred components. With a simple touch, the Serafino Consoli creations can be changed and adjusted to an individual’s style. Due to its bespoke nature, Serafino Consoli’s jewels are not designed just to war them, but rather to live in them. Modelled accordingly to the wishes of an individual, almost all pieces can be modified to worn by children as well as adults.

The maison’s revolutionary approach combines innovation with the most exceptional quality of Italian goldsmithing tradition. Serafino Consoli brand is a one-of-a-kind place where the change meets technology and design, raising the art of jewellery making to a new generation of artistry.

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