Someday, everything will make perfect sense

Local, international achievers

Synonymous with luxury since 1925, Edwards Lowell is launching its new promotional campaign named: “Someday…everything will make perfect sense.” Featuring local achievers and their often times creative approaches to their work and unwavering passion, the campaign’s subjects have all broken the mould in their own respective fields, succeeding both in Malta as well as internationally by building unique as well as thought-provoking legacies. Like Edwards Lowell, these remarkable individuals have set the benchmark for the next generation and without their input, many things we all know and enjoy would not be possible. They are not just leaders, but they are innovators who have gone above and beyond that which is expected of them. In short, they are living legends.


The choice of each high achiever is down to their values and successes and reflects Edwards Lowell’s ninety-three year pursuit of quality and excellence within the field of luxury goods. Celebrating the special few who have worked their will on history and whose passion and love for what they do has lit the torch to show the way to countless others, the campaign reflects Edwards Lowell’s own approach to achieving excellence: while getting to the top of your game is never easy, if you are willing to dream and invest energy and consistency, it will all be worth it in the end. Read Less

Edward de Bono

Born on 19th May 1933, there are few people who have lived as many lives as Edward de Bono. Following his completion of a medical degree at the University of Malta, his continued thirst for excellence led him to pursue a Masters degree in Psychology and Physiology at the University of Oxford where he also set two canoeing records and was part of the Oxford polo team.
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John Ripard

Award-winning sportsman, John Ripard is a force to be reckoned with. Taking the Ripard Group which was founded in 1901 to the next level by marrying it with his passion for the sea, it is for his success at all things aquatic that John Ripard became so renowned in his own right.
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Kurt Arrigo

Born in Malta, Kurt spent his childhood sailing, windsurfing and scuba-diving in the Mediterranean Sea, sparking his love for the ocean and photography. Today, he is regarded in a league of his own as a photographer, both on the island and around the globe.
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