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Based in Saxony, A. Lange & Sohne is one of the most exclusive brands in international fine watchmaking. The watchmakers at Lange still uphold the art of fine craftsmanship as it was once practiced at the court in Dresden. At the same time, they generate a continuous stream of technical innovations that contribute to the further development of precision mechanical watchmaking.

In 1845, a new watch manufacturer – Ferdinand Adolph Lange – founded his first company in the small town of Glashütte, Germany, in the eastern state of Saxony. Since the beginning, A. Lange & Söhne had to work hard to compete with well-known brands of Switzerland. The company used its unique geo-market location to its advantage and focused on producing complicated timepieces with chronographs and perpetual calendars that catered to the more modern market.

Despite being founded over 150 years ago, A. Lange & Söhne has been actively present on the market since the 1990s with some of the most exquisite timepieces. Initially known for its exceptional pocket watches, the company produces a few thousand watches a year in line with the brand’s elegant corporate design.

Unlike many other high-end watchmakers, A. Lange & Söhne produces their mechanical movements in-house, refusing to build a watch with an inferior quartz movement. Instead, the movements are constructed from German silver which is a copper and nickel alloy. Those details separate A. Lange & Söhne from well-known Swiss manufacturers even further as they typically use plated brass. Almost all of the watch cases are made of gold or platinum, with the only exception being specific special editions released in limited quantities.

In an ongoing effort to differentiate themselves from the Swiss manufactures, A. Lange & Söhne features more contemporary design. The company forgoes traditional features such as multiple bridges and cocks in favour of three-quarter plates, screwed gold chains and handmade balance cocks. The brand, however, doesn’t forget about its very distinctive German appearance focused on clean lines and asymmetric stylings. Combining the forward-thinking, but timeless, design, allowed A. Lange & Söhne to become visually unique even to an average customer.

Currently, A. Lange & Söhne is recognised as one of the best high-end watch manufacturers in Europe and prides itself with a dedicated following all over the world. The company has been acquired by the Richemont Group, further signifying its high-quality craftsmanship and distinctive design.

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