The Chopard Collection

Known for its high jewellery, rather than exquisite herology, Chopard is rapidly becoming one the most desired watchmakers worldwide. With over 150 years of experience, its impeccable design, renowned precision and loyalty to its traditions, Chopard is a highly respected name in watch-making.

The ethos of the company consists of craftsmanship, innovative technological developments, and an unstoppable quest for perfection.

Founded in 1860 in Sonvilier, Switzerland, the brand was first recognised as the creator of high precision pocket watches, but only in 1963 the company began entering the luxury watch market. Chopard’s timepieces have quickly started to conquer an international audience.

Currently, the firm produces all its watches in Geneva, and the company is one of the few luxury brands that can associate a significant amount of success to the development of ladies watches. As a family-owned brand, the brand carries a signature of elegance and timelessness in its design that can only be passed from generation to generation. Chopard has built its reputation not only for its exceptional quality but also for innovative design.

Comparing to other high-end jewellery makers, Chopard collections are often more fun and contemporary. Chopard stands for passion and elegance, but the company also emerges from the competition through ethics. Since 2013, the brand has been promoting its most prestige products as using ethical and sustainable gold.    

The company prides itself on their handcrafted movements, especially calibres that each are unique with hand-engraved floral finishings and raised motifs. The bespoke design of all Chopard’s products positioned the company as one of the most exclusive and valuable manufacturers of fine jewellery worldwide.

The brand is particularly adored by celebrities all over the world, who often step out on the red carpet wearing Chopard jewellery as the primary accent of the attire. The brand is also one of the official sponsors of the Cannes Film Festival.

A wide diversity of watches and jewellery allowed Chopard to establish itself as a benchmark in the field of precious watches and jewellery. The quality of Chopard watches ensured by COSC, the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute. To surpasses the industry standards, Chopard launched a new label of precision – “Qualité Fleurier”. Many Chopard watches bear Fleurier Quality Foundation Certificat to assure the accuracy and durability of the timepieces as well as the movement quality.

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