Delivery and Returns

Delivery/Shipping Information

How much does the delivery cost?

Enjoy complimentary shipping on all valuable goods when spending €1000 or more from  For all other purchases below this amount, the delivery charge will depend on the delivery service you select and on the location of your delivery.

Where do we deliver?

We offer delivery any address in Malta and within the European Union. However, deliveries are subject to courier approvals and if delivery of your order is refused by the chosen courier due to an issue linked with the delivery location selected, we shall inform you promptly. If you would have already paid for your items and delivery, we shall issue a refund if it would not be possible and/or reasonably practicable to make alternative delivery arrangements.

Any order placed to any delivery address located outside the European Union will be refused during the ordering procedure. However, should you wish to place an order for any goods to be delivered to any country outside the European Union, we kindly ask you to contact our us directly via email on, where you will be contacted by our Customer Care representatives. We are committed to client satisfaction and shall try our utmost to execute deliveries outside the European Union, although we cannot guarantee that this would be possible.

P.O. boxes or postal codes will not be accepted as direct delivery addresses. Any such orders will be refused during processing. We shall only accept orders carrying a complete address.

How long will delivery take?

  • Malta: orders will be dispatched and delivered within 1 to 3 business days.
  • European Union: orders will be dispatched within 2 business days if your order reaches us before 14:00 (GMT+1.00) will be delivered between 1 to 2 business days for valuables shipped under express delivery. Other non- express deliveries will take between 6-10 days to complete. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on logistics worldwide, delivery times might be affected.
  • Priority Overnight: if you require urgent overnight delivery, we may offer this service at an extra charge. Kindly contact our team on
  • In-Store Pickup: if your order is placed before 14:00 (GMT+1.00), it will be ready for pickup within 2 business days during our store opening hours at the store of your choice.

How do I track delivery of my order?

Log onto your account through our website then use the menu to track the status of your order. Once your order is dispatched, you will receive another email with the tracking details of our courier.  If necessary, feel free to contact us on

How can I process the payment?

You can pay for your purchases in Euro (€) with a credit or charge card: MasterCard®, Visa® or American Express®, following the instructions set out on the relevant payment page. Payment via Paypal® is also accepted.

You may also pay via bank transfer. Kindly contact our customer care on for more information.

Cancelling an order prior to dispatch

Should you wish to cancel an order prior to it having been dispatched, you may do so by sending us an email directly on or by contacting us on +35621384503. In these circumstances, we shall do our utmost to check up on the status of your order as quickly as possible. If your order would not have been dispatched as yet, we may cancel it for you. However, you may nonetheless be charged for any costs which would have been incurred, in relation to the order packaging and preparation for dispatch.

If you wish to make a cancellation in accordance with this section for part of an order (i.e. for one or more item/s ordered), the same procedure set out above shall apply. However, if the sum of the value of your original order would have qualified for free delivery and thus due to withdrawing an item, the amount decreases below the minimum requirements for free shipping, it would not be eligible for free delivery. You shall incur any delivery costs which may apply to the delivery method chosen by yourself at the time of original sale. Should you wish to change your chosen delivery method at this point, you must inform us when requesting the partial cancellation. If you do not do so, the originally chosen delivery method will be applied and charged for.

Edwards Lowell holds the right to refuse an order. This will result in a refund made to the purchaser.


Returns & Exchanges

How do I return an item ordered?

Should you wish to return an item ordered from our online boutique, your returned order if we are duly contacted and confirmed as per the below procedure within fourteen (14) days from the delivery date recorded by our courier/from pick-up date if you would have collected the item(s) from any of our boutiques. Please note that earrings may not be returned, due to hygiene reasons.

Should you wish to return an item by courier (and not physically at one of our stores), you must first contact us via email on explaining the nature of your dissatisfaction/query. Prior to effecting your return, kindly wait for us to reply confirming that your email has been received and noted and that we would be awaiting your returned item(s). Please note that we retain the right to refuse a returned item should you fail to inform us beforehand, as per this procedure.

The returned item(s) must be accompanied by the original receipts and any ancillary documentation which you may have received at the time of delivery with the product. Returns are subject to the following conditions:

  • Returns may only be made through a reputable courier covering shipping and insurance service, to the address which will be provided to you via email when you initially contact us regarding your wish to return your order.
  • We do not offer complimentary return shipping, and so any return costs which may be levied must be borne by you, which costs may include shipping, insurance and any other ancillary charges.
  • Any returns must be insured, and if they are not so insured then liability in any form or manner relating to the returned item(s) shall strictly be borne by you.
  • Returned items are to be packed in their original shipping packaging or, where this is not reasonably practicable, in alternative packaging, which is to be waterproof, adequately sealable, padded and opaque.
  • You are responsible for obtaining proof that the returned item(s) has/have been successfully shipped from your end and subsequently returned to us.
  • For all intents and purposes, evidence that the item(s) has/have been shipped from your end shall not constitute proof of receipt by us.
  • In any case, we may not be held liable, whether directly or indirectly, for any returned item(s) which is/are lost, damaged, misdirected, or delivered to us late.

You may also choose to return the item(s) yourself at any of our stores, wherein you will be directed by our sales assistants as to the procedure for examination of the item(s).

Once a returned item is received it shall undergo close examination to ensure that it has been returned in the original condition of sale. Returned items will only be accepted if:

  • The returned item is still in its original condition, undamaged, and shows no sign of having been worn and/or somehow used or damaged.
  • All tags are returned and intact in their original condition of sale.
  • Original boxes and packing are returned in their original sale conditions and show no scuff marks, creases, scratches, knocks, or any other mark which render it of a quality which is not fit for re-sale.

If your order was shipped to an address in the European Union, all taxes will be refunded to you. If the item was shipped outside the European Union, sales and customs duties cannot be reimbursed by us. You can, however, attempt to recover them by contacting the customs office closest to you directly or by using a customs broker.

Once your item has been successfully returned, examined and accepted by us, we shall inform you that your return has been successful and subsequently issue you with a credit note for the value of the item returned. The credit note is redeemable from our online store and also from any Edwards Lowell outlet in Malta. You may also choose to order another item to be shipped to you in line with the conditions outlined in these terms, and in such a case:

  • If the alternative item(s) you order is/are of a lesser value than the value of the returned item, you shall be issued a credit note for the difference in value.
  • If the alternative item(s) you order is/are of a higher value than the value of the returned item, you would be required to pay the difference prior to you order being shipped to you.

Should your returned item(s) for any reason not be accepted by us in accordance with these terms, we shall inform you of this and you may request that we return it/them back to you. However, any courier costs applicable for such return of the items not accepted by us, shall be borne by you. The costs of such return by courier may not necessarily be the same as the costs indicated in these terms for regular delivery upon initial orders made, and in any case we will inform you beforehand of such cost of return to you and the item(s) in question will not be shipped back to you before payment of such costs is affected.

Once approval has been received for a payment refund it will be affected in full, however, should the payment have originally been processed through Paypal, the amount refunded will not include the charges incurred through Paypal. The exact amount will be communicated with you directly before processing.

For any further information, please contact our Customer Service via email on

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