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One of the oldest French houses, S. T. Dupont, was established as a boutique-type maison in 1872. Boasting almost 150 years of experience, this small luxury accessory business carries a magnitude of history.

Going back in time, the founder, Simon Tissot Dupont was a photographer for the court of the Emperor Napoleon the Third, and his wife, the Empress Eugenie. S. T. Dupont, therefore, became a go-to luxury accessories brand for the aristocracy and celebrities at the end of 19th and then through the 20th century. The brand has always been inspired but its clients and their needs, hence it had also started producing belts, cufflinks, lighters and luxury pens.

S.T. Dupont is a pure French brand in every meaning – 95 percent of its products is made in France, in the same village where the brand was born, Faverges. Everything is hand-crafted, and one pen or a lighter requires about 50 to 60 hours of hand work. S. T. Dupont strives to maintain its small-family business identity and hires approximately 180 people in their workshop. By using precious metals, such as Sterling Silver, platinum, gold-plated, and brass for the more affordable range, adding to it a touch of Chinese lacquer for effect.

With time the range of S. T. Dupont accessories kept on growing, and the brand has started including wallets, cardholders, bags, computer cases and many more. Apart from their primary accessory line, the company also creates bespoke collectables – “haute creation” that carry a reminiscence of the essence of the brand that used to produce bespoke pieces for the French Government. S. T. Dupont creates limited editions every year that are worth thousands.

After many years if being lost, S. T. Dupont became the official supplier of the French government for luxury accessories. Currently, the company gifts many heads of state with its products when they visit France, some of the most notable owners of S. T. Dupont accessories are Obama and Putin. The long-standing tradition, craftsmanship and artisan approach to every detail of its manufacturing, allowed S. T. Dupont to establish itself as a high-end accessory brand that creates timeless pieces for the most prominent clientele around the world.

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