Pomellato Fine Jewelry

Synonymous with creativity and daring character, Pomellato changed the jewellery rules across the international market. From its traditional formality, the brand made jewellery younger, more sensual and more diverse in appeal. Founded in 1967 by the Rabolini family, the company is established in Milan and is still owned by the same family who manufactures two main lines – Pomellato and DoDo.

Spawned by the intuition of its founder, who was a descendant of a long line of goldsmiths, Pino Rabolini gave the brand a strong and distinctive identity as the first prêt-à-porter concept in the world of jewellery. Pomellato quickly gained recognition on the Italian market and worldwide, eventually becoming the key brands in the international jewellery scenario.

The company’s success is built on the personality, and individual style of its creations – unusual shapes and stones, and unique blend of colours, defined Pomellato’s sophisticated craftsmanship. The artisan design presents the lost wax technique adapted to industrial production, showing innovation and distinctive image. The success of the brand also comes from a fusion of design and fashion. Pomellato replaced the traditional jewellery with statement pieces of its character.

The first transformation from a crafts jewellery to a global name came with the development of pendants and necklaces in gold with diamonds. Only later on, Pomellato introduced silver, watches and gemstones. The highly evocative pieces of jewellery were primarily created from large, coloured stones with a cabochon cut.

Pomellato’s jewels have broadly recognisable features which emphasise on rounded and tactile forms. Everything created by the brand is handcrafted in an atelier that is surrounded by over a hundred goldsmiths and jewellers. The house aesthetic doesn’t allow the use of any stones – each one of them has to follow strict guidelines.

The company’s philosophy is not only to continually challenge the goldsmithery industry, but also to protect the environment and promote sustainability. One of the most successful collections, The “M’ama non m’ama” (Love Me, Love Me Not) range is a pure representation of the innovative character of Pomellato – it comes with a total of nine different rings, each with various meanings and colours that relate to humans’ spirituality.

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