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The Italian maison, Pomellato declared in 1994 its commitment to the protection of the natural heritage by creating a new brand – DoDo. Instead if trying to fix the existing brand into a new product sector, Pomellato had an idea of launching a new line of jewellery that would have a different image and character.

DoDo jewellery is characteristic for its quirky and light-hearted design that can be worn by anyone, regardless of age or gender. The brand is heavily inspired by Pomellato ability to tell a story with a piece of jewellery. DoDo main products consist of animal motifs that have meaning in the realm of love and friendship.

The name of the brand comes from a bird – DoDo – that was driven into extinction by the Dutch and Portuguese colonists on the island of Mauritius. The name itself pays respect not only to a magnificent bird but also to all other beautiful things around us.  New animal charms are added every year, but the classic pendants are made in yellow or pink gold on a black-waxed cotton cord. Charms have become a symbol of the brand that is nowadays recognised around the world and can often be spotted on celebrities. DoDo’s charms also come accompanied by a rhyme that matches the meaning behind the pendant.

Despite being a brand associated with the younger generation, DoDo’s value is justified by the valuable materials used. The jewels evoke positive feelings, filling those who wear them with an impression of good vibrations. Apart from coming in various colours to suit each mood and personality, some charms can be found more luxurious, enriched by diamonds. DoDo has several collections in its portfolio – from various animals to lucky charms and love symbols that can be mixed depending on the preference.

The meaningful design and luxury finishing influenced DoDo’s global recognition and allowed the brand to establish itself as a forward-thinking and young-at-heart jewellery maker.

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