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Despite being one of the youngest Swiss watchmakers today, Raymond Weil established itself as luxury watch brand that combines sophisticated horology with several centuries old Swiss tradition of quality, precision and attention to detail.

Mr Raymond Weil started his company 1976 as an independent and family owned company in Geneva, Switzerland. Against all the odds, and Japanese made-quartz watches taking the market by storm at that time, the small and humble boutique has quickly gained an outstanding reputation for Mr Weil’s professionalism and passion for watchmaking.

Located in the most prestigious area of Switzerland, Raymond Weil harnessed the heritage and culture of this established region and incorporated it in its design. Apart from a timeless and elegant design, the brand is heavily inspired by classical music that is often associated with the highbrow cultural scene of Geneva. The world of classical music influenced Raymond Weil’s naming for their collections – the Mozart Collection, Beethoven’s Fidelio, Traviata and Saxo, Toccata, Fantasia, Otello and even the Nabucco Collection.

There is one crucial aspect of the brand that particularly makes it stand out among the competition – its attention to aesthetics. Raymond Weil’s timepieces are merely exquisite and elegant. The brand is known for creating relatively affordable automatic watches that pride in fine craftsmanship. Raymond Weil’s attention to detail and quality is visible throughout the entire manufacturing process. Each timepiece goes through 350 quality checks before it receives the Raymond Weil’s quality label. Many of the models come in a limited quantity of only a few hundred being available on the market.

The brand doesn’t produce in-house made movements. Instead, it uses the reliable, robust and commonly found ETA/Valjoux movements manufactured by Swatch Group. The company always tries to find new ways to improve their technology and most of their watches use automatic movements – only a few of them use quartz/battery movements. The build the quality of Raymond Weil watches, the brand uses steel, gold, titanium and a gold/steel alloy for their cases and sapphire crystal that is resistant to scratching.

The perfect blend of elegance, practicality and sporty utility enabled Raymond Weil to create a mixture of timepieces that can be worn as both dress and tool watches.

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