Schoeffel Pearls Fine Jewellery

A deep passion for pearls and unstoppable commitment to this unique jewel is what characterises the history of Schoeffel. Since founding in 1921 in Germany, the brand has been devoted to pearls, with the determination, pioneering spirit and passion from both of its owners.

The company profoundly respects the history of this exquisite jewel that has mythical origins as the tears of the gods and made the insignia of rulers. Shoeffel joined the pearl fascination that has been around or thousands of years, showing that the jewel hasn’t lost any of its power to fascinate continuously. The brand perfectly reflects the beauty and the charisma that lies deep within the pearl itself. All of the values that can count as a luxury in our times are beautifully revealed in Shoeffel’s pearls

Throughout the years, the brand has evolved from trading pearls and gemstones to a fashion statement. The founder, Wilhelm Schoeffel founded the company during the 20s – the decade that triggered an immense demand for pearls and built the foundations for the success of Schoeffel. It was the smooth blend of the right lifestyle, fashion and art that made the jewels stand out from its competition. This family-owned business managed to establish a good relationship with some of the crucial pearl farmers around the world, which enabled them to introduce the first Japanese cultured pearls to the German market. This was the beginning of Schoeffel becoming one of the most important traders in cultured pearls in Germany, and later on in Europe.

It didn’t take Schoeffel long to become the most renowned pearl trading establishment in the world, with the visionary brand expanding to the United States and Asia. This pearls became an ultimate symbol of luxury and quality that can only be provided by the fine craftsmanship. Currently, the company is managed by the third and fourth generation of the Shoeffel family. Schoeffel is an established international brand that prides itself on a high reputation and continuous desire to offer excellent quality. Scheffer’s design became a synonym of a timeless pearl design that always comes with a distinctive and delicate fashion detail that can be passed on from generation to generation.

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