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“Someday…everything will make perfect sense”

Kurt Arrigo

The Someday Campaign was launched by Edwards Lowell to honour local trailblazers and innovators for their exceptional work and passion in their field, excelling both locally and internationally. We want to shine a light on their achievements and find out about what makes them tick! We each have the same number of hours in the day, but it is how we make use of them that makes the difference.

“Time is very precious, we don’t have a lot of time, so I try to make it count.”- Kurt Arrigo

Born in Malta, Kurt spent his childhood sailing, windsurfing and scuba-diving in the Mediterranean Sea, sparking his love for the ocean and photography. Today, he is regarded in a league of his own as a photographer, both on the island and around the globe. He has always been inspired by the sea and his work reflects that, from breathtaking snaps of the underwater world to photos of powerful yachts racing through the seas, Kurt has captured it all. “Nature is one of my biggest inspirations. Being outdoors, being in those elements”

Since 2004, he has been the official Rolex yachting photographer, following the numerous international events sponsored by the brand including the Sydney Hobart, Rolex Fastnet Race and Rolex Middle Sea Race which proudly takes place in Malta. “Malta played a big part in my career, simply because Malta has so much to offer.” Throughout his career, he has produced three publications based around his love for his home, Malta: A Coastal Journey 2005, Grand Harbour Malta 2011 and Malta Maritime 2014 each capturing the beauty of the archipelago seeped in seafaring history.

Kurt is proud of his fruitful career, and rightly so! “What I have managed to carve out, has really given me a fulfilled life and I am very fortunate.” He has always strived for excellence, pushing the boundaries and managing to achieve photographs like no other, that truly take your breath away. “if you don’t push a little bit, those little boundaries, then you might not get the shot.”

The fact that Kurt has pushed himself in this creative realm of photography, storytelling, documenting wildlife and the underwater world has led him to inspire many young artists to pursue this career, showing them the possibilities are endless. He enjoys sharing his message and helping other people by passing on what he has learnt, and the mistakes he has made. He says he always follows his intuition, his gut feeling, following what he feels is right to capture the perfect shot. His advice to budding photographers is “if you go into it thinking you’re going to become famous or rich or get all the followers, you’re in it for the wrong reasons. It takes patience, it takes understanding, it takes getting to know people and more importantly, getting to know yourself.”
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