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Edward De Bono

“Someday…everything will make perfect sense”

Dr. Edward De Bono

Born on 19th May 1933, there are few people who have lived as many lives as Edward de Bono. Following his completion of a medical degree at the University of Malta, his continued thirst for excellence led him to pursue a Masters degree in Psychology and Physiology at the University of Oxford where he also set two canoeing records and was part of the Oxford polo team. He later read for a PhD in medicine at Trinity College in Cambridge and has written over fifty books, his most acclaimed being the ‘Six Thinking Caps’. Much like the planet named after him, he carries his own gravity!

As someone who is an internationally recognised symbol of Maltese excellence who has reached iconic status both in his field and off, Edwards Lowell felt a particular resonance with de Bono’s vision for all encompassing excellence and it is for this reason that he was chosen to be the first in their series of achievers of excellence. The “Someday…everything will make perfect sense” campaign will see Edwards Lowell collaborating with people who have reached the peak of their careers and set a benchmark for future generations.

Having himself coined the widely used term ‘lateral thinking’ to explain thinking outside of the box with imagination, Edward de Bono is nothing if not an innovator. Always striving to refine his thoughts and ideas and present them in a new way, his recent conference which took place at Verdala Palace under the patronage of H.E. Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca on 19th May 2018 saw de Bono use the palace as the setting for his first ever ‘Palace of New Thinking’ conference. Believing that a new idea and approach is able to better solve problems of conflict, the ‘Palace of New Thinking’ conference is to be held once every year and is focused on discussing creative ideas about different world issues. Commenting about his choice of venue, de Bono was quick to point out that in order for people to be able to discuss stubborn issues of international concern, one must have a place of dignity and importance which has a very clear function. The setting plays a big part in the formulation of a higher and more innovative way of thinking.

A name synonymous with setting new, high standards both here as well as abroad, Edwards Lowell have long been considered to be pioneers in their own field when it comes to both luxury goods as well as service and, like Edward de Bono who is defined by his work and passion, they have succeeded in constantly coming up with innovative, state-of-the-art concepts executed to the highest of standards. Established in 1925 by Charles E. Lowell, the company has always strived for quality and excellence within the luxury goods field and has not only succeeded in holding onto the sterling reputation that its founding father forged, but it has gone from strength to strength since its conception and today, the company is still the exclusive Maltese distributor for all the luxury brands it represents, paying great attention to detail and perfecting every facet of the impeccable service they offer.

Edwards Lowell felt that the “Someday…everything will make perfect sense” slogan would be an ideal title for their campaign to illustrate the importance of patience, resilience and a willingness to grow and achieve. Success like that of Edward de Bono, who has been nominated as one of the 150 people who have contributed the most to the whole history of humanity, is not achieved overnight; however, if one is willing to put time and effort into their work, everything will, naturally, make perfect sense.
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