Edwards Lowell Pearl Collection for Carla Grima


Held at the chic and newly refurbished Phoenicia Hotel, Tahlia by Carla Grima in collaboration with Edwards Lowell was an event to remember. Not only was the backdrop itself an apt fit for these exclusive brands, but the sun setting over the hotel’s infinity pool and beautiful scattered trees made for a memorable moment in fashion history.


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Launched in 2012, Carla Grima Atelier produces high-quality luxe pieces which are designed for easy, elegant wearing. Intended to take the wearer from glamorous day to opulent night, the pieces are made with lush natural materials and hand finished details, thus making the brand the perfect match for Edwards Lowell’s luxury jewellery and timepieces.


Rising to the occasion, Edwards Lowell handpicked each item showcased on the night to complement every aspect of Carla Grima’s collection. Keeping in mind the sea theme that is very close to Carla’s heart, Edwards Lowell accessorized the models of the night in high-end luxury pearls from Schoeffel and to build on the theme, a selection of watches and striking jewellery containing diamonds and mother-of-pearl could be admired in another section of the venue.



Known for its beautiful lustre, mother-of-pearl is not only the material which one can find on a shell’s inner layer, but it also makes  up the outer coating of pearls and is what gives them the iridescent quality for which they are so admired. Pearls are not only unique to the jewellery-making world for their various qualities but they are also as versatile as diamonds when it comes to wearability. Edwards Lowell source their pearls from Schoeffel who have an impeccable reputation which dates back ninety-seven years and handpick each and every piece which goes into their shop from the Basel fair which happens every Spring. Apart from paying special attention to the shape which is extremely important, Edwards Lowell look at each piece in order to find the ones with the finest colours in their respective categories, the least imperfections and the most beautiful lustre.

In addition to the jaw-dropping pearls and mother-of-pearl pieces, Edwards Lowell also showed off their much-renowned Chopard Happy Diamonds collection. Much like Carla Grima’s pieces, Happy Diamonds jewellery is timeless whilst being playful. What makes this collection stand out from the rest is the way the diamonds dance and twirl in unison with the wearer’s own movements as if they were an extension of the person. No Edwards Lowell showcase would be complete without a Rolex and the one on show was a stunning confection of steel and white gold designed to set the most discerning girl’s heart on fire. This marvellous evening of high fashion and jewellery ended exquisitely with delectable refreshments and excited chatter.



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