How To Match Bags & Scarves (The Right Way)

Tying a gorgeous silk scarf to your bag can be a great way to add individuality and style!

The silk scarf is one accessory that never goes out of fashion. They are versatile, luxurious and undeniably stylish.

One of the many ways you can use a silk scarf to give your over-all look a boost, is by tying one to your bag. But although it may seem like a simple concept – which on paper, it is – there are actual rules that go with this match made in texture heaven.

Rule of Thumb #1:

The length of the bag’s chain or handle determines whether you should tie a silk scarf to it or not. Bags with long chains or handles (cross body, satchels, bowler bags and messenger bags) and bags with very short straps (baguette bags and wristlets) normally don’t carry off a silk scarf well. Instead match your scarves with bags that have medium-length straps, like tote bags and bucket bags.

Rule of Thumb #2:

The colours from the bag and the silk scarves have to either clash or complement, but they should never blend into each other. If you want to play it safe, pick a hue from your bag and find a scarf that has touches of it in its print. If you want to be more adventurous, use a colour wheel to find out which colours are on the opposite side of the spectrum and match them.

Our favourite interactive colour wheel can be accessed by clicking here.

Rule of Thumb #3:

Although silk scarves can dress up or dress down a bag, the bag’s original style can help you determine whether you should add a scarf in the first place. A beautifully structured bucket bag will carry off a silk scarf immaculately; a fold-over clutch, sling bag or hobo bag may not. Being true to the bag’s aesthetic will make sure your scarves won’t overpower your bag or look out of place.

Rule of Thumb #4:

Texturing matters. Adding a scarf to your bag is a purely visual exercise that aims to add a layer of texture and colour. Delicate, raw silk scarves should be worn with soft leather, while structured bags allow for silk satin scarves.



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