How To Care For Your Jewellery

Just like any other investment or asset, jewellery needs to be taken care of; both to keep it looking like new and also to ensure it retains its value. So how should it be cared for?

When looking for a piece of jewellery there are many things that we take into consideration. We look at pricing and brands, shape, size, karat and investment value. But there is no doubt that, at the moment we get to say ‘yes’ to a piece of jewellery, what we’re mostly affected by is the beauty of the object and the craftsmanship that has gone into creating it.

As its owner, it is now up to you to know how to care for your jewellery, keep it safe and looking its best, and here are some tips on tips on how to do exactly that.

How to take care of Gold & Silver?

                                                                                                           CHOPARD MISS HAPPY RING, 18CT ROSE GOLD & DIAMONDS


Gently rub jewellery made of gold or silver with a soft cloth to maximise shine.

  • If your jewellery is set with gems, you can clean them with a very soft brush and warm soapy water. Be warned though, if your jewellery is old, then make sure you get specialist advice before attempting this.
  • You may use a silver dip cleaner to clean jewellery made from silver, but never use this on gold jewellery as there is a very good chance of it being ruined.
  • When storing jewellery, it’s best if you do so individually. Also, keep chains fastened when storing them to prevent them from getting tangled.

How to take care of Pearls?

                                                                                                                                                  SCHOEFFEL AKOYA COLLIER


  • Because pearls are naturally formed inside oysters, cosmetics like perfume and hairspray can damage them. To prevent this from happening, always apply hairspray and perfume before putting your pearls on, and always wipe them with a damp cloth before putting them away.
  • When travelling with your pearls – particularly if they’re cultured pearls – wrap them in tissue paper before placing them in a box or suitcase to ensure they are not damaged en-route.
  • Wearing pearls every day can damage the silk used to thread them, so make sure to have them checked by a specialist regularly.


  • Insuring your jewellery is an important step in guaranteeing that your investment is protected.
  • It is also advisable to have detailed shots of your jewellery so as to be able to have them reproduced should they be stolen or lost.

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