Formula Single Watch Winder Carbon Fibre W561



    The Formula Collection is the latest edition from the Rapport of London brand, incorporating the latest in technology with an LCD touch screen control panel. The winding system runs virtually silent and easily displays the progress and winding function of your wrist watch. Constructed of genuine wood, the Formula W561 single unit watch winder has modern design that features a carbon fiber finish exterior with polished chrome accents. Your watch will be on full display behind a key lockable glass door with interior LED lighting. Lined with a plush velveteen fabric, the interior has a removable watch arm that fully adjusts to accommodate any size wrist watch with soft cushion that keeps your watch protected and in place during operation.

    The LCD touch screen display control panel programs and adjust the speed, direction and duration of rotations needed. The winding mechanism has a fast wind or continuous speed option with preferred adjustable directional rotations. The oscillations of the winder simulates the motion of the wrist when the watch is being worn; it swings, changes direction and rests periodically according to whichever of the mode you choose.



    Model # W561
    • Wood case
      • Carbon fiber finish
      • Polished chrome accent hardware
      • Solid glass door
      • Interior LED light
    Power Source
    • A/C DC adapter with rechargeable battery backup function
    Winding Operation
    • Programmable via LCD touch screen
      • 2 speed rotation option
        • Fast continuous mode: 3960 *TPD
        • Timed Mode: 1130-1690 *TPD
      • Multi-direction rotation
        • Clockwise
        • Counter-clockwise
        • Bi-directional
    • Single watch winder
    Watch Holder
    • Adjustable, Leather covered watch holder with Rapport ‘R’ Logo
    Max. Dia. Of Watch (including Crown)
    • Up to 75 mm
    Dimensions 6.7 x 7.8 x 8.2 inches
    Warranty 2 year Factory Warranty
    Additional Features
    • LCD touch screen panel
    • LED interior light
    • Key lockable
    Notes * TPD = Turns per day
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