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Discover the legendary tale of the iconic “Bee Bottle” by Guerlain in Guerlain: An Imperial Icon. This Assouline Classics Collection volume celebrates the 170th anniversary of the Flacon Abeilles, a symbol of outstanding craftsmanship that embodies the enlightened values of tradition and excellence.

Featuring historical and contemporary imagery, unique works created by artists and artisans for Guerlain, and illuminating text by French journalist Laurence Benaïm, Guerlain: An Imperial Icon showcases the exceptional artisanship and artistry of Guerlain. This book is a luxurious addition to any collection and a must-have for anyone who appreciates the unique personality of a perfume and cosmetics house that remains faithful to its own history by continually reinventing it.


292 pages

215 illustrations

English language

Released in May 2023

W 24.5 x L 33 x D 3.6 cm

Silk Hardcover

ISBN: 9781649802163


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