Pomellato: Iconica collection


Chains are at the heart of Pomellato’s heritage and the Iconica looks to the future with new designs that push the limits of the simple chain. Today Iconica offers two distinctive necklaces and bracelets with matching earrings in rose gold that are cutting-edge chic yet easy to wear every day and pleasingly silky to the touch. These daring designs have made Iconica the by-word of Milanese refinement and minimalist sophistication that endow a quiet and empowering confidence to the wearer.

The Pomellato Iconica collection effortless style is down to its large volumes and asymmetry found in the different shapes and sizes of the links that offer a fashionable twist on the classic chain jewel.

Pomellato Iconica collection


Versatility is a Pomellato hallmark found in both jewels. The outsize oval link on the all-gold necklace is a design feature that, thanks to the smaller link with a concealed clasp, allows the necklace to be worn as a Y-shape lariat with the oval as a pendant or as another link in a long sautoir. Likewise, the shorter version features a large link set with more than 400 diamonds, conceived to be worn asymmetrically on the neck.

The fluid elegance of these jewels is down to the rigorous design approach of Casa Pomellato brought to life by skilled artisans who excel in the traditional crafts of gold-smithing and diamond-setting. Each jewel is entirely made by hand in the Casa Pomellato atelier by master goldsmiths who start each creation by smelting the unique gold alloys through to final perfect polishing. What’s more, Pomellato treats diamonds with an innovative informality and in these Iconica jewels, they glide smoothly across the polished surfaces as naturally as freshly fallen snow. This is achieved by laboriously mapping out a random pattern known as ‘snow setting’ of different-size diamonds that nestle effortlessly together with a natural grace.

This careful custody of design and artisanal heritage flows through Pomellato’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its activities. All the gold used in its creations is Responsible Gold, which is from certified suppliers that respect the most rigorous standards of sustainability and traceability. Iconica’s bold new collection confirms Pomellato’s prowess in creating jewels crafted with respect for its heritage as well the planet, bringing a contemporary elegance to the self-assured, independent woman.


Pomellato Iconica collection


Pomellato | The first global luxury Italian fashion fine jeweler. Unconventional, colorful. Caring for Women, the New Ethical in Precious.

Working towards a more eco-conscious future, Pomellato has now achieved 100% responsible gold purchasing. Established in Milan in 1967, Pomellato was the first brand to introduce the prêt-à-porter vision into the world of jewelry. Crafted by the hands of expert goldsmiths, Pomellato stands out for its unique design and colorful gems which through innovative stone cutting and setting techniques have come to define an unmistakable and iconic style. Pomellato is part of Kering, a global Luxury group, managing the development of a series of renowned Houses in Fashion, Leather Goods, Jewelry, and Watches.

Pomellato, an environmentally-conscious approach to jewel-creation.

Pomellato has increased Fairmined gold purchases as well to create a special collection and continues to invest in the traceability of colored stones and diamonds while exploring new materials and recycling solutions. Meanwhile, it collaborates with a Milan-based goldsmith school to safeguard consistency and craftsmanship. Through initiatives and advocacy, Pomellato continues to reinforce the importance of sustainability, an Earth-conscious community, female education and career growth, and a global well-being that promotes a healthier work-life balance.


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