Edwards Lowell Opens Luxury Bookstore in Valletta

Edwards Lowell have added yet another establishment to their portfolio with the launch of their luxury bookstore on Zachary Street, Valletta.

Edwards Lowell has already tested the waters in the luxury book market with their Portomaso Boutique, a two-storey, multi-functional shopping experience that includes an art gallery, champagne bar, high-end library and displays of the finest watches and jewellery on the market.

Today they have taken that investment a step further with the opening of the Edwards Lowell Book Store.


The bookstore is offering a vast selection of perfectly bound, attractively presented books on art, fashion, photography, travel and lifestyle, books of the highest quality with distinctive graphic identity and editorial savoir-faire, including those from high quality publishers, Assouline and Taschen. These books are not simply words and pictures, but experiences which unfold as you turn the pages.


The Assouline publishing house is the gold standard for luxury fashion and lifestyle books, chronicling the history of everything from the house of Chanel to Coca-Cola to the Carlyle Hotel. Taschen has become synonymous with accessible, eclectic publishing. From affordable Basic Art series to highly collectible limited editions, Taschen specialises in illustrated publications on a range of themes including art, architecture, design, film, photography, pop culture, and lifestyle.



Not only are they selling high-end coffee table books, but they are also assisting with the curation of libraries for hotels, residences, private offices and more. With 97 years at the forefront of the luxury watch and fine jewellery business in Malta, representing brands like Rolex, Patek-Philippe and Cartier, Edwards Lowell have experience in quality, style, and attention to detail.


This gives them a unique outlook when curating both personal and corporate libraries for their clients, addressing individual needs, whether those be investment or decorative.

Having produced the ultimate in boutique designs for their other establishments, the Rolex, and Patek Philippe and Cartier mono-brand boutiques, and two multi-brand concept boutiques, the Edwards Lowell Book Store promises to be a luxuriously contemplative space.

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