Black Friday 2020

Edwards Lowell luxury Black Friday 2020 offers

Black Friday 2020 – Benefit from great offers on selected Raymond Weil watches, jewelery & accessories in stock at our St. Julian’s & Valletta boutiques. Offer valid from Monday 16th until Friday 27th November.


Raymond Weil

Despite being one of the youngest Swiss watchmakers today, Raymond Weil established itself as luxury watch brand. The brand uses steel, gold, titanium and a gold/steel alloy for their cases and sapphire crystal that is resistant to scratching. Each timepiece goes through 350 quality checks before it receives the Raymond Weil’s quality label. Many of the models come in a limited quantity of only a few hundred being available on the market. The perfect blend of elegance, practicality and sporty utility enabled Raymond Weil to create a mixture of timepieces that can be worn as both dress and tool watches.

Black Friday 2020


Collection: Toccata, Noemia, Parsifal, Tango, Freelancer, Maestro, Nabucco, Jasmine, Shine, Tradition and Othello.

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Chopard jewelery

Chopard is a highly respected name in watch-making and jewellery with over 150 years of experience. From Bags to Ties, to Scarfs and other accessories, Chopard does it all. Comparing to other high-end jewellery makers, Chopard collections are often more fun and contemporary. Chopard stands for passion and elegance, but the company also emerges from the competition through ethics. Since 2013, the brand has been promoting its most prestige products as using ethical and sustainable gold.  The brand is particularly adored by celebrities all over the world, who often step out on the red carpet wearing Chopard jewellery as the primary accent of the attire.


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Chopard Accesories

Our artisans—masters at their craft—devote their meticulous attention to creating the accessories of La Maison Chopard. The sumptuous items they produce are made from timeless, modern materials that transcend the brand’s codes and reveal outstanding quality.  From bags, to scarfs, ties and cufflinks, one can surely find the right accessory for that special occasion.

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St. Dupont

One of the oldest French houses, S. T. Dupont, was established as a boutique-type maison in 1872. Boasting almost 150 years of experience, this small luxury accessory business carries a magnitude of history. S.T. Dupont is a pure French brand in every meaning – 95 percent of its products is made in France, in the same village where the brand was born, Faverges. Everything is hand-crafted, and one pen or a lighter requires about 50 to 60 hours of hand work. S. T. Dupont became the official supplier of the French government for luxury accessories.


Black Friday 2020

Collection: Defi Carbone, Lighter, Ligne 2, Liberte, Maxijet, Cigar Capa, Defi Extreme, Ligne 1, Ligne 8, Minijet, Defi Liberte , Ligne 2 , Ligne D, Neo Classique

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 Pomellato Jewelery

Synonymous with creativity and daring character, Pomellato changed the jewellery rules across the international market. From its traditional formality, the brand made jewellery younger, more sensual and more diverse in appeal. Founded in 1967 by the Rabolini family, the company is established in Milan and is still owned by the same family who manufactures two main lines – Pomellato and DoDo.


Expressing an avant-garde, original approach, Pomellato’s sophisticated coloured stone combinations feature peculiar gem cuts and visionary designs. Impeccably crafted, Pomellato pieces have led the brand to embody a modern yet unconventional beauty, immediately recognizable per the Maison’s signature style.

Apart from the luxury and vibrant Pomellato jewelery pieces, at Edwards Lowell we also stock a good range of stylish and Pomellato sunglasses.

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Dodo Jewelery

 The Italian maison, Pomellato declared in 1994 its commitment to the protection of the natural heritage by creating a new brand – DoDo. Instead if trying to fix the existing brand into a new product sector, Pomellato had an idea of launching a new line of jewellery that would have a different image and character.

DoDo jewellery is characteristic for its quirky and light-hearted design that can be worn by anyone, regardless of age or gender. The brand is heavily inspired by Pomellato ability to tell a story with a piece of jewellery. DoDo main products consist of animal motifs that have meaning in the realm of love and friendship.



New animal charms are added every year, but the classic pendants are made in yellow or pink gold on a black-waxed cotton cord. Charms have become a symbol of the brand that is nowadays recognised around the world and can often be spotted on celebrities. DoDo’s charms also come accompanied by a rhyme that matches the meaning behind the pendant.


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Serafino Consoli


Founded in Milan in 1960, Serafino Consoli is an internationally renowned brand that genuinely represents the Italian tradition and elegance. The fine jewellery maison is responsible for creating a sensation in the haute joaillerie – supremely inventive multi-size and adaptable jewellery. Known for its revolutionary character, Serafino Consoli has been famed for having created a brand new concept in the market – resizable jewellery. Over ten years of research and development were needed to achieve every woman’s dream to be able to modify their jewellery, from enlarging an earring or pendant to transforming a ring into a bracelet, at the same time preserving the already established harmony and delicacy. Each piece of the Serafino Consoli jewellery can be adapted depending on individual needs and taste, without losing its timeless elegance.


Collection: Brevatto

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