Authorised watch repair service centre

Servicing your watch at an authorised watch repair service provider

It is always important that your watch is purchased from an authorised dealer, but it also imperative that any watch repair is done by expert watchmakers.  The adequate maintenance will preserve both the performance and longevity of your watch.

Here at Edwards Lowell’s service centre, we can carry out repairs and assist our customers with after-sales service.  We can conduct after sales service on watches, from battery changes with pressure tests to comprehensive overhaul.

Locally we currently have 3 official Rolex watch repairers who have been trained by Rolex in Geneva.  They have also been training by other brands as well.  For someone to become a watch repairer, dedication, patience, and concentration are essential.  It takes around 4 years to be able and perform a full service on certain brands.

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Our watchmaker will complete the following tasks in a full service:

  1. Firstly, the watch is thoroughly examined (both the external and internal conditions). An estimate of the works needed is provided.
  2. Full disassembly of the watch case and movement.
  3. Polishing of the case and bracelet.
  4. Movement: Full cleaning of components or replacement if required, oiling, checking of the escapement fixtures and setting, reinsertion of the dial and hands.
  5. Casing up of the movement.
  6. Checking the power reserve.
  7. Water proofing of the watch.


Every time a new movement calibre is released by the mother factories; our watch repairers need to go through all the technical data and keep themselves updated with new improvements.  Every so often, they are being called to attend training at the factory where they are examined for their standards and the quality provided on the repairs.  They also need to check that the watch repairer is following the technical updates.  Being a watch repairer is a continuity training, reaching high performance and following procedures.


watch repair


At our service centre, where several brands are being repaired, we get the original parts directory from the factories, original tools and the workshop designed by the brands.  Repairing watches for several prestige brands mean that their standards have been met and that the person is capable to work on the watches.  When some repairs cannot be done locally, they would need to follow the procedure and send them to the mother factory.

It is important to know that when you invest in a watch, particularly a mechanical watch, you will need to maintain it with regular servicing.  Just like a prestige car, you must only entrust the maintenance and repair of your watch to an authorised watchmaker who has been training to conduct the correct service on your timepiece, and who has the correct parts and tools.

As Eric Van Der Griend stated, “We are proud to be a leader in the industry in after sales service, so our relationship with our customers doesn’t stop when they purchase their watch, it is just the beginning.”


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