Pearls. Any occasion is a good reason!

A gift that never goes out of style

Let’s be honest. Buying gifts for women is not always easy. How many times do you wait till the eleventh hour to finalise on presents for your loved ones?

Thinking, going back to the drawing board, re-thinking, until you decide what will make the perfect gift to express your love for them in the right way. A git that will last a lifetime and will never go out of style? Well then, you’re in the right place.

We’re here to tell you why pearls make a truly wonderful gift for any occasion. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, promotions, weddings, even just as a random token of appreciation throughout the year. Because really and truly, who are we without the women in our lives?!



There is no coincidence as to why the world’s most stylish women like Coco Chanel and Jennifer Kennedy were fascinated with pearls and how they turned them into one of the most stylish accessories. Making them an accessory every woman should own. A staple piece in any wardrobe.


Pearls are one of Mother Nature’s small beautiful secrets. Pearls are not just precious and beautiful to look at, but they keep their value timelessly.


Lets delve into the meaning and the significance of gifting pearls.

Pearls are renowned for their symbolism of love. White pearls especially, are a symbol of new beginnings, sincerity, beauty and innocence, which is why they are an age-old traditional wedding gift of good fortune for a bride-to-be. Perfect for bridal jewellery, but also as a gift to a loved one to show your sincere feelings of true and everlasting love and appreciation.



White pearls can also be gifted for birthday’s, valentine’s day, anniversaries and so on. Making them a great and memorable gift for every occasion.



Another popular occasion could be graduation, a milestone in someone’s educational passage or a promotion at work. Symbolising good fortune, fame, success and energy is the pink pearl. This is a lovely variation and it can serve as both a good-luck charm and a promise of a bright future ahead.

Pink Pearls


Tahitian pearls are known to carry healing powers and protect the wearer from negative energy. They are exotic, rare and exceptional. A great gift for those women who are not traditional and enjoy living life by their own rules and marching to the beat of their own drum. A great gift for when you want to express your gratitude towards your partner, and emphasis how #blessed you are to have them in your life.


Tahiti pearls


Pearls have always been a fashion statement, however today, pearls have seen a comeback in the most recent fashion seasons, but for spring 2020, they are reinvented with new designs and configurations. Responsible fashion was the main talking point of the Spring 2020 season, and the use of humble, natural materials like shell, stone, pearls, and wood suggested that jewellery designers have taken in account all the earth-friendly concerns.

A trend towards natural untouched pearls is now ever more visible on the catwalk. 2020 S/S collections, labels like Burberry and Tory Burch, embraced the natural beauty of pearls in their raw, organic form.

Fashions pearls

Carla Grima Atelier, a Malta based design brand, during the launch of her 2018 fashion collection ‘Tahlia’ highlighted the beauty and effortlessness of pearls by pairing them with her brands high-quality luxe pieces which are designed for easy, elegant wearing. Her collections, which are known for pieces made with lush natural materials and hand finished details, perfectly mirrors the beauty, uniqueness and one of a kind quality which pearls represent.

Scheoffel, a brand best known for its beautiful creations with pearls being their speciality, is represented by Edwards Lowell in Malta. The collection available is varied, beautiful and available in Zachary Street Valletta or Spinola Bay St Julians. Visit either boutiques to discover more about the range and pearls available or visit our online boutique by Clicking here 




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