Chopard Summer Sunglasses (Get Ready for Summer 2018)

With the hottest months on the calendar just around the corner, the chic and elegant range of sunglasses from Chopard will ensure total UV protection.

Chopard Summer Sunglasses

Summers in Malta are amazing. But, between the stealthy trips to the beach and the long, outdoor lunches that last well into the evening, it’s very easy to forget the damage that the sun can do to our bodies.

SPF15 (or stronger) sunscreen, a hat or a cap when in the sun, drinking lots of water, and protective creams and mousses for your hair are all important when it comes to ensuring you keep the sun’s effects on the body at bay. But what about your eyesight?

A good pair of sunglasses can make a huge difference to your eye health, and, as research has shown, wearing proper, UV-protective eyewear can reduce your chances of getting cataracts, reduce the risk of macular degeneration, and, due to less squinting, reduce the chance of you developing crow’s feet.

But a good pair of sunglasses shouldn’t just protect your vision, they should also make you feel comfortable and help you stand out. And that’s why we totally love the gorgeous range of sunglasses by Chopard.

Their classic-with-a-twist designs and use of strong and sturdy materials means you can trust them to get you noticed for all the right reasons – while also providing vital and effective protection against UV rays.

To view Chopard’s Summer sunglasses collection please visit one of Edwards Lowell shops in St Julian’s or Valletta. For more information you can call us on +356 2138 4503.

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