Valentine’s Gifts for Him

Although Valentine’s Day is all about hearts and roses, the truth is that even men enjoy getting something on this most romantic of days. So, here are five terrific gift ideas that your man will wear and use with pride.

S.T. Dupont Minijet: Lighters are very useful items for smokers and non-smokers alike; but this S.T. Dupont Minijet lighter – available in an assortment of colours – marries practicality and sophistication to create a streamlined, powerful fire-making machine that will be a talking point every time it’s taken out of his pocket. (€95)

Chopard Desk Clock: A desk is a very intimate space that should be adorned with things that look beautiful and mean something; and this Classic Chopard Table Clock, with refined, uncluttered lines is a luxurious and stylish statement. (Starting €470)


S.T. Dupont Pen: This beautifully-designed pen in a matt, black finish and palladium detailing is the result of over 100 years’ experience S.T. Dupont have in craftsmanship. Its ergonomic design and streamlined beauty make for an elegant-yet-subtle way for any man to assert his style with confidence. (Starting from €190)


Rayond Weil Toccata: Simple and striking are two very apt ways to describe this Raymond Weil creation. Crafted from stainless steel, and measuring 39mm in diameter, this watch is an absolute classic whose uncluttered face, with a small subdial at six o’clock, makes it a timeless classic for the man who is always on the go but never wants to be out of style. (Starting from €700)


S.T. Dupont Wallet: A wallet is an accessory every man needs; but this S.T. Dupont Line D Soft Diamond Porte wallet crafted out of the finest leather is an accessory every man will want. (Starting from €70)

For more information on the watches and accessories mentioned above, feel free to call in to one of our Edwards, Lowell shops in St Julian’s and Valletta.

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