How To Care For Your Watch (Advice from the Edwards, Lowell Team)

Watches are made to be worn, but this also exposes them to an array of hazards. So no matter what type of watch you own, taking good care of it is essential to help prolong its lifespan. Here’s some advice from the Edwards, Lowell team on how you can care for your watch.

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Think about your weekly routine and how many places you go to, how many times you commute, how many hands you shake, e-mails you type, and remember that everything you do, your watch does with you.

Over time, kinks in leather straps, or scratches on the metal, may appear, and your watch may end up not looking as good or working as well as it used to. But there are ways to protect your watch from all this wear and tear, and it’s not as difficult as you might think!

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Cleaning: Water-resistant watches can and should be cleaned regularly using warm water and liquid soap. Using a toothbrush for the metal bracelet will help it maintain and regain some of its lustre.  Proper drying with tissue and soft cloth is important.

Cleaning Leather Straps: Perspiration, humidityetc. can lead your leather straps to deteriorate. Try cleaning them with a damp cloth and drying well.  Also a good quality neutral shoe polish will help to prolong their natural life.

Maintenance: As a precision instrument, your mechanical watch needs to be serviced every three to five years to make sure it keeps good time.  This will also ensure that your watch will have a long life.


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Shocks: Even if your watch is shock-resistant, remember that it is still a very complex machine with many moving parts, and like any other machine, dropping it may cause damage.

Storage: It is advisable that you store your watch in its original packaging or a soft cloth, to minimise the risk of it being scratched or chipped.  It is also very important not to leave it for an extended period in a damp environment, or without working.


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A mechanical watch movement contains special oils and greases and these can dry up without use.

Water: Before going swimming with your watch, make sure that it is 100% waterproof in accordance with Swiss Official guidelines.

Unless your watch is waterproof, we wouldn’t suggest that you take your watch with you to the beach or the pool – chlorine, salt and sand can be harmful to watches and leather straps. But, if you accidentally do get water in your watch and condensation starts forming on the inside of the glass, it is very important that you take it to your service centre as soon as possible to avoid rust setting in.

Got any questions on how to take care of your watch? Why not drop us a line at or visit any of the Edwards, Lowell outlets in Malta.

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