The Edwards, Lowell Campaign… by Nadine Noko

We chat to Nadine Noko, the artist behind Edwards, Lowell Co Ltd’s innovative and inventive new campaign.


As of this weekend, you may have come across one of our new posters in the paper or on Facebook. The designs for this campaign, which has been in the works for a couple of months now, were created by one of Malta’s most talented designers and illustrators: the wonderful Nadine Noko.

Here we talk to her about the inspiration behind it and the work that went into it.

What was the inspiration behind the latest Edwards, Lowell campaign?

“In time, I’ve come to think that artists find it hard to just enjoy the work; they constantly feel the need to interpret it. They don’t just ask themselves, ‘Do I think it’s beautiful?’ I think there should be more of that. When you are looking at a beautiful bag, watch or string of pearls, you are just looking at its beauty and form. It’s about being surrounded by beauty, and that’s always good for the soul.

“Edwards, Lowell Co Ltd has some of the most beautiful brands under its wing; brands which have a history and which are stunningly-gorgeous – and they were my inspiration.”

What went into the process of creating this campaign?

“First, I had a series of discussions with the team at Edwards, Lowell Co Ltd, so this was truly a collaboration. We then came up with the three elements we wanted from this campaign: minimalism, form and timeless elegance.

“We went back to the Mad-Men years and the Irving Penn simplicity, when fashion used illustration as much as photography, and I started sketching until the lines were as minimalistic as possible. To give you a feel of the products’ form and beauty, no extra brush stroke was kept. Even the media I used was a mix of old school watercolours and digital processing.”


What do the various elements represent?

“The elements represent a reflection of the products’ shape and aesthetic: the sleekness of a cat and the way we feel when we wear a pair of sunglasses that make us feel confident; the muscle structure of a horse and the way a beautiful, artisan bag’s material moves and folds…”

Do you think it’s important for companies to collaborate with artists when coming up with campaigns?

“I think it’s a great learning experience for both, especially when you respect each other’s opinions. There are so many adverts out there, that I think it’s a way of getting your message and philosophy to rise above all of the noise. I am very happy with the result, and I hope people enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the process!”

For more information about Nadine Noko and her work, you can visit more information about Edwards, Lowell Co Ltd, you can call us on +356 2138 4503, +356 2124 7447 or email

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