Happy Hearts with diamonds

Happy Hearts with diamonds

Heartfelt joy


Happy Hearts with diamonds – An icon of Chopard jewellery, the Happy Hearts collection has been enriched with new hearts in diamond-rimmed mother-of-pearl, onyx and red stone. Crafted in ethical 18-carat rose gold, three bangle bracelets and three pendant necklaces have joined the collection, to the delight of big-hearted women.


Since its creation, the Happy Hearts collection has consistently orchestrated the encounter between the heart and dancing diamonds, two emblems of the Maison. In the first heart, a dancing diamond twirls joyfully between two sapphire crystals, radiating Joie de Vivre. It is paired in an elegant pas de deux with a second, larger mother-of-pearl, onyx or red stone heart daintily rimmed with diamonds. This winning combination is now available as three pendant necklaces and three bangle bracelets to be worn alone or with other jewels from the collection.

Like all new gold creations made by the Maison since July 2018, these Happy Hearts jewels are crafted from 100% ethical gold.


Happy Hearts: the emblem of Chopard jewellery

Above and beyond its aesthetic qualities, each piece of jewellery conveys values reflecting its wearer’s story and personality. The choice of a Happy Hearts creation is that of a big-hearted woman, who sees in Chopard’s commitments an echo of her own generosity. Combining coloured hearts with the legendary dancing diamonds – two elements chosen as symbols of the Maison – the Happy Hearts collection offers these women an assortment of creations to be worn as veritable talismans, both for the small joys of everyday life and for the sparkle of special occasions.

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Technical details

Happy Hearts with diamonds

In ethical 18-carat gold and diamonds


Jewellery in ethical 18-carat rose gold composed of a large mother-of-pearl, onyx or red stone heart surrounded by diamonds and small heart framing a dancing diamond.

  • Happy Hearts with diamonds pendantPendant necklace, onyx version– Ref. 79A074-5201
  • Pendant necklace, mother-of-pearl version – Ref. 79A074-5301
  • Pendant necklace, red version – Ref. 79A074-5801


Happy Hearts bangles with diamonds

  • Bangle bracelet, onyx version – Ref. @85A074-5200 (several sizes available)
  • Bangle bracelet, mother-of-pearl version– Ref. @85A074-5300 (several sizes available)
  • Bangle bracelet, red version – Ref. @85A074-5800 (several sizes available)


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