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Happy Sport Oval

Unprecedented, super-chic and exquisitely feminine

1993 saw the birth of far more than a watch, but indeed a certain vision of independence, modernity and free-spirited movement. The now iconic 25-year-old Happy Sport instils its mischievous spirit into a supremely elegant model: an oval case housing a self-winding movement specially developed by the Chopard manufacture.


Happy Sport, a new vision of time

In 1993, closely in touch with the mood of the moment, Chopard co-president Caroline Scheufele dreamed up a sports watch based on what was at the time an original and surprising association between steel and diamonds. This unprecedented bold move marked the birth of the Happy Sport. Radiating the spirit of the Happy Diamonds that waltzed onto its dial, spinning like étoile dancers performing free variations between two sapphire crystals, Happy Sport soon became a standard-bearer for the Manufacture and indeed for feminine watchmaking as a whole.

The oval, a timeless legacy

The same creative expression of absolute freedom now takes a new path in reviving the oval case, which had made a previous appearance in the Happy Sport style repertoire but has now been entirely redesigned. A new model reflecting a strong trend sweeping the fashion industry and the watchmaking world with a tribute to timeless femininity through a neatly fitting aesthetic. The design of this new Happy Sport features a distinctive oval shape idealised through reinvented proportions. Drawing upon a sense of streamlined elegance conveyed through subtle upstrokes and downstrokes, the bezel is slimmer at 12 and 6 o’clock, whilst more generous at 3 and 9 o’clock – thus endowing both the watch and the wrist it adorns with an unmistakable sense of distinction and finesse. By redesigning the oval in accordance with its own aesthetic vision, the Happy Sport enlists a multicultural symbol of abundance and eternity. The oval, as a spatial representation of the egg shape, carries within it untold worlds with powerful connotations: as Victor Hugo already wrote: “Be capable of perceiving talent even in that which at first sight least resembles it. I have sometimes written about an egg: it is in fact a bird” (Post-scriptum de ma vie, posthumously published in 1901). The oval, a place of withdrawal and of bursting forth, is the scene of endless possibilities, where transformations encapsulating the future take shape; on the dial of the Happy Sport Oval, every second holds the promise of future joy.

Happy sportThe Happy Sport appears in a version topped by an 18ct rose gold bezel. Its alligator leather straps feature a choice of colours ranging from noble royal blue to ultra-chic deep navy blue. Dancing endlessly across the silver-toned guilloché dial are seven moving diamonds embodying the Happy Sport signature. An even more precious and exquisitely feminine variation replaces the diamonds on the bezel with pink sapphires, framing seven moving gems (two diamonds, two pink sapphires and three rubies) whirling across a dainty and supremely gentle mother-of-pearl dial. The final touch to this jewellery watch is set by a supremely elegant fuchsia pink alligator leather strap.


A manufacture movement reflecting the spirit of the times

To celebrate the 25th birthday of the Happy Sport, Chopard is taking it into an entire new dimension through an encounter with another contribution of the history of the family Maison: the watch manufacture. Chopard’s watchmaking expertise has enabled it to equip the Happy Sport Oval with a mechanical self-winding movement: the 09.01-C calibre specially developed for 30 mm ladies’ watch cases. ‘Have it all and relinquish nothing’ is a motto entirely suited to the women who choose the Happy Sport Oval. Feminine and technical, playful and radical, precious and modern: through the sheer diversity of its qualities, the inimitable Chopard icon represents the quintessence of horological success. This creation testifies to Chopard’s ever smoother integration of its two fields of excellence, facilitated by the unique combination within the same Maison of all the skills and professions that forge the greatness of both Haute Horlogerie and High Jewellery.

Happy Sport

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