What to buy this Christmas? Chronographs, Investment, Rare, Complicated & Black/Black steel pieces

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What to buy this Christmas?

Chronograph watches

Rolex Daytona

The Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona is the consummate Rolex chronograph. Efficient, precise, legible, robust, reliable, waterproof and self‑winding, it is also comfortable, elegant, timeless and highly prestigious. Judging by the success and outstanding reputation worldwide of this peerless alchemy of form and function, it is considered in many respects to be the ultimate chronograph. Fifty years after its launch in 1963, this embodiment of perfection is the product of a long maturation process. Each inscription on the dial of a Rolex watch is a guarantee of performance; on this emblematic model, they were added one by one as the watch evolved. Solely “Cosmograph” at the outset, over the years “Oyster”, “Perpetual”, “Cosmograph”, “Daytona” and “Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified” were added, chronicling a legend in watchmaking.

Rolex Daytona Oysterflex

The new Cosmograph Daytona is fitted with an Oysterflex bracelet, developed and patented by Rolex. At its core lies a superelastic metal blade overmoulded with high-performance black elastomer, a material that is particularly resistant to environmental effects and very durable. The Oysterflex bracelet is also fitted with an Oysterlock safety clasp and is equipped with the Rolex patented Easylink rapid extension system that allows the wearer to increase the bracelet length by approximately 5 mm, for additional comfort in any circumstance.

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Chopard Mille Milgia

As official timekeeper of the legendary Mille Miglia since 1988, Chopard has created the exclusive Mille Miglia 2014 in stainless steel. Inspired by the cars participating in this famous race, this stylish timepiece boasts a vintage dial subtly accented by the colors of the Italian flag and perfectly complemented by a brown barenia leather strap. The case back, inspired by the very first Mille Miglia models, is engraved with the race’s logo, while inside the chronometer-certified movement pushes time forward. A limited edition of 2014 pieces that is poetry in motion.

Chopard Mille Miglia

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Breitling Transocean Chronograph

With the Manufacture Caliber B05, The Breitling engineers have reinvented the worldtime mechanism by endowing it with unprecedented user friendliness. When the user changes timezone, simply turning the crown forwards or backwards enables instant correction of the hour hand, the city disk and the 24-hour disk – while automatically adjusting the date to local time. Available in stieel, this extremely stylish model is also a high-performance selfwinding chronograph.

Breitling Chronograph


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What to buy this Christmas?

Complicated watches


Rolex Skydweller:

A technological masterpiece protected by 14 patents, the Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller provides the information global travellers need to keep track of time at a glance. Launched in 2012, the Sky-Dweller is a compelling timepiece of revolutionary design that blends to perfection mechanical sophistication and ease of use.

Rolex Skydweller 1.Dual Time Zone

The two time zones are displayed simultaneously. Local time is indicated by the conventional centre hour, minute and seconds hands. It can be set quickly and easily by means of a mechanism that allows the hour hand to be adjusted independently in one-hour increments both forwards and backwards. Neither the minute and seconds nor the reference time in the second time zone are affected. And, since the watch is not stopped, accuracy is preserved. Reference time in the traveller’s usual place of residence or work is read on a rotating off-centre disc. A fixed inverted red triangle points to the wearer’s chosen reference time. The disc’s 24-hour display allows travellers to clearly distinguish daytime hours from night-time hours in the distant time zone (for example, 10 p.m. versus 10 a.m.). The date change is linked to local time and occurs within a few milliseconds at midnight. So the date displayed in the aperture is always the current date in the wearer’s local time zone.

2.Annual Calendar

Deep red in one of 12 windows around the dial indicates the current month, a striking characteristic of the Saros annual calendar. This ingenious mechanism simplifies life for the wearer of the watch, who no longer needs to think about adjusting the date at the end of a 30-day month. The annual calendar displays the correct date through the year. Only one adjustment is needed – on 1 March (February having only 28 or 29 days). The date is connected to local time and automatically changes according to the traveller’s local time zone.

3.Ring Command Bezel

Setting the Sky-Dweller’s three main functions is quick and easy. It can be done in any order, and both forwards and backwards, without restriction. Each function is accessed using the rotatable Ring Command bezel and adjusted with the winding crown, which has only one setting position. The operation is as simple as 1-2-3.

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Lange Zeitwerk Striking Time

The ZEITWERK STRIKING TIME is the world’s first mechanical wristwatch with a jumping numerals display and a visible chiming mechanism. The full hour is indicated with a reverberant low-pitched tone, each quarter-hour with a clear high-pitched tone.

Lange complications Functions
Hours and minutes with jumping numerals; visibly configured chiming mechanism with acoustic quarter-hour and full-hour indications; subsidiary seconds with stop seconds; UP/DOWN power-reserve indicator, 36 hours power reserve

Diameter: 44.2 millimetres; height: 13.1 millimetres

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Parmigiani Tonda Chronor Anniversaire

The Most Subtle complications – Manufacturing a complex movement in a material as delicate as gold is a demonstration of considerable expertise.

The integrated chronograph is one of the most subtle complications which can be created. It relies on kinematics with a chain of actions, each one determining and triggering the next, and each sequence precisely synchronised and adjusted. Even the tiniest imperfection has a knock-on effect, travelling down the line like a series of dominoes, disrupting the entire movement.

parmigiani tonda chronor anniversaire


All the components of this hand-wound movement, which include a chronograph, a split second function and a large date, sit on the same main plate, with no additional module. The house calibre PF361 features several cutting-edge technological innovations: a 5 Hertz movement (36,000 vibrations per hour), column wheels replacing a cam, a vertical clutch rather than a horizontal one, a “cock” balance secured by a transverse bridge instead of a single attachment point. These developments add accuracy, reliability, stability and robustness to the movement.

To underline its prestige, the “Tonda Chronor Anniversaire” is driven by a gold calibre. The cases – in white or rose gold – strike a perfect balance with the grand feu enamel of the dial.

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Patek Philippe Grand Complications Perpetual Calendar

A new self-winding perpetual calendar has been added to the Patek Philippe Collection. Its comes in a Calatrava Case with beautifully scalloped lugs and applied Breguet numeral. The yellow- and rosegold models feature ivory lacquered dials with recesser counters. The white gold version has a blue sunburst dial. The watches come with a sapphire-crystal case back and an interchangeable solid-gold back. Ultra-thin mechanical self-winding movement. Calibre 240 Q. Perpetual calendar. Moon phases. Day, date, month, leap year and 24-hour indication by hands.

Patek Philippe

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What to buy this Christmas?

Black/ Black Steel pieces


Tudor Black Bay Dark



The sixty years that followed the launch of the original 7922 saw the constant improvement of the TUDOR divers’ watch and each model gained unanimous acclaim from professionals in the field, including some of the greatest military navies in the world.

The characteristic features of the Heritage Black Bay Dark model centre on the 41mm wide steel case, finished with a black PVD treated coating. Directly derived from the thin film technology originally developed by Nasa for its various space programmes, PVD or ‘Physical Vapour Deposition’ enables practically any inorganic material to be bonded with metals. The Heritage Black Bay Dark has an entirely satin finished matt finish, giving it the appearance of black military utility equipment.

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Hublot Classic Fusion Aerofusion Black Magic

The Hublot Classic Fusion Aerofusion Black Magic has a 45mm case made out of a polished and satin-finished black ceramic. Today, ceramic has become a popular material choice in watchmaking for its durability and extreme hardness. But when the original Big Bang models were created in 2005, the notion of “Art of Fusion” meant exploring new possibilities in materials. At the time, ceramic hadn’t been widely accepted as a watch case material, with the majority of black watches made from stainless steel or other metals with a black coating that would chip and fade over time. Within Hublot’s own Research & Development department and Metallurgy new applications and varieties of ceramic are being invented including bright red ceramic and yellow ceramic, as well as metal-ceramic composites such as the proprietary Magic Gold, the only scratch-proof 18-carat gold alloy in existence.



“With a hardness that surpasses that of any traditional metal used in watchmaking, ceramic is considered a “scratch-proof” material that will never show any signs of wear or aging.”

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Breitling Colt Skyracer

The New Generation Breitling

The Colt expresses its youthful, dynamic and winning spirit in a model dedicated to thrill-seekers, featuring an ultra-light and ultra-sturdy case made in Breitlight (a world-first) and a resolutely technical black look. Code name: Skyracer, like the plane flying the Breitling colors in the fabulous Red Bull Air Race. This all-comes champion is also distinguished by its exclusive removable rubber strap bearing various measurement scales that are useful to adventurers of all kinds.

Breitling Black

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Dodo Charms, Bracelets and components

Unisex creations, with a strong identity and a deep narrative spirit, in which each pendant, letter and symbol carries with it a very special meaning, expressing a feeling of love, luck, friendship and freedom.
Translated by the expert hands of our artisans, the messages of Dodo have reached an immediate popularity, which continues to grow with their unconventional, imaginative and often ironic character. A curiosity and a success initially provoked by the friendly “talking charms”, authentic emblems of emotional and sentimental value that inspire every jewel of Dodo.


Dodo Moon Charm: A night-colored moon, to find your dreams even in the dark. Charm in 9 kt rose gold with black diamonds.

Dodo Starfish Charm: Totally elegant in all black. Black pavé diamonds set in 9kt rose gold.

Dodo Penguin Charm: Charm in 9 kt rose gold and black enamel.

Dodo Bat Charm: Scary gorgeous. Black pavé diamonds set in 18kt yellow gold.

Everyday Bracelet: Black for every day. Silver bracelet with black PVD finish and 9 kt rose gold plaquette.


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What to buy this Christmas?

Investment Pieces


Rolex Sea Dweller


Rolex is introducing the latest generation of its Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller, a legend among professional divers’ watches created 50 years ago in 1967. The new Sea-Dweller features a larger, 43 mm case and the new calibre 3235, at the forefront of watchmaking technology and employed for the first time in a Rolex Professional category watch. To enhance the reading of the date, it is equipped, also for the first time, with a Cyclops lens on the crystal at 3 o’clock. The dial bears the name Sea-Dweller in red, a reference to the first model.

Like all Rolex watches, the new Sea-Dweller carries the Superlative Chronometer certification redefined by Rolex in 2015 to ensure singular performance on the wrist.

Rolex Sea Dweller



A technical divers’ watch, waterproof today to a depth of 1,220 metres (4,000 feet), the Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller was originally designed for the pioneers of professional deep-sea diving. It is equipped with one of the inventions that contributed to its stature: the helium escape valve, patented by Rolex in 1967. While preserving the waterproofness of the watch, this ingenious safety valve regulates the pressure accumulated in the case during the decompression phases of deep-water saturation dives.

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Parmigiani Tonda 1950

Once upon a time, a clumsy glass blower made a fortuitous discovery when he dropped a sliver of copper into melted glass. He decided to keep the resulting material, which he christened “aventurine”, using it to create enchanting objects.



In the Val-de-Travers, there is virtually no light polluting the night sky, and nothing obstructing the millions of stars it contains. This feeling of vertigo was the inspiration behind the creation of the Tonda 1950 Galaxy. To create the colour of the night sky on its dial, the Manufacture dial-makers made use of a material created in 18th-century Murano: aventurine glass. It contains copper inclusions which give it an unmistakable sparkle, like infinite particles of gold, on which the rose gold appliques stand out beautifully.

The case — also made from rose gold — and the bezel, both set with diamonds, form a halo of light. On the crown, a milky white opal, like a precious miniature nebula, provides the finishing touch.

The Tonda 1950 Galaxy is driven by the PF702 proprietary movement, decorated with Côtes de Genève and bevelled bridges. This self-winding mechanical movement, and the beautiful finishes which are Parmigiani Fleurier’s signature, can be admired through the watch’s sapphire case-back.

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A. Lange & Sohne 1 Time Zone

The LANGE 1 TIME ZONE indicates the current time in all of the world’s 24 time zones while simultaneously displaying home time. A peripheral city ring makes it possible to set the zone times with pushbutton convenience.

Home time with day/night indicator (hours, minutes, subsidiary seconds with stop seconds), zone time (hours, minutes) with day/night indicator and city ring, outsize date for home time, UP/DOWN power-reserve indicator

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What to buy this Christmas?

Rare watches


Daytona Steel

The Cosmograph Daytona, introduced in 1963, was designed to meet the demands of professional racing drivers. With its highly reliable chronograph and bezel with tachymetric scale, it allows drivers to perfectly measure average speeds up to 400 kilometres or miles per hour, as they choose. An icon eternally joined in name and function to the high-performance world of motor sport.

Rolex Daytona


New Monobloc Cerachrom Bezel

The new monobloc Cerachrom bezel in high-tech ceramic offers a number of advantages: it is corrosion resistant, virtually scratchproof and the colour is unaffected by UV rays. This extremely durable bezel also offers an exceptionally legible tachymetric scale, thanks to the deposition of a thin layer of platinum in the numerals and graduation via a PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) process. The monobloc Cerachrom bezel is made in a single piece and holds the crystal firmly in place on the middle case, ensuring waterproofness.

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Patek Philippe Nautilus

5711/1A – NAUTILUS

With the rounded octagonal shape of its bezel, the ingenious porthole construction of its case, and its horizontally embossed dial, the Nautilus has epitomized the elegant sports watch since 1976. Forty years later, it comprises a splendid collection of models for men and women. In steel, rose gold, white gold or two-tone combinations they accompany the most active lifestyles with incomparable class. Mechanical self-winding movement. Caliber 324 S C. Date in an aperture. Center sweep second hand. Dial: black-blue. Gold applied hour markers with luminescent coating. Case: steel. Screw-down crown. Sapphire-crystal case back. Water resistant to 120 m. Case diameter (10-4 o’clock): 40 mm. Height: 8.3 mm.

Patek Philippe


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Parmigiani Ovale Pantographe

This piece really caught the imagination with its two hands extending and shortening as they skimmed the numerals.

This was the inspiration behind the Ovale collection, characterised by the Pantographe complication whose hands (also known as “pantographs”) perform a subtle dance. These hands use the same principle as the pantograph – multiplying a length by a given factor to obtain movement on a larger or smaller scale. The measurement of the cam at the centre of the movement provides the information required to move the hands and the module as they pursue their course around the dial.


The main challenge posed by this piece lay in the cutting and assembly of the delicate telescopic hands composed of fine segments of aluminium. To rivet these together, the skill is in identifying the characteristic “tink” which occurs when the material is altered, precisely signalling the end of the operation. At this point, the segments slide over each other freely, without the slightest play.

This watchmaking marvel, an oval watch with telescopic hands – created by English jewellers Vardon and Stedman – came into the restoration workshops of Parmigiani Fleurier in 1997.

Delicate Telescopic Hands: For the choice of the oval, the decision was made to eschew a pure ellipse in favour of a basket-handle arch shape, for a more masculine look.

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