Hublot & Beard Season (Hublot Loves Art)

As the beard reclaims its place as a cultural icon, Hublot is using it to help save lives.

Hublot & Beard Season

Renowned for its love for art, Hublot has recently teamed up with Beard Season as the principal sponsor of Elbank’s photography exhibition Beard at Somerset House.

This move was perfectly in tune with Hublot’s brand philosophies of ‘The Art of Fusion’ and ‘Hublot Loves Art’, which were brought to life through its collaboration and sponsorship with the Australian NGO fighting against Melanoma.

Started by Jimmy Niggles, Beard Season was inspired by one of Jimmy’s best friends, who died of Melanoma in 2010 at the age of 26. To help raise awareness, Jimmy and his friends grew beards to act as conversation starters – long before the hipster movement came of age and the ‘lumbersexual’ became a thing.

Beard Season’s message is simple: Commit to getting a skin check, grow a beard, and become a Beard Season ambassador.

This is what Jimmy had to say about the collaboration:

“Everybody knows growing a beard takes time and dedication. But a beard can actually give time, by carrying a message that can lead to the early detection of one of the world’s deadliest cancers. To have Hublot recognise this power and help share it with the world is a truly inspiring relationship, which Mr Elbank and I thoroughly look forward to building.”

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