Brand Spotlight: Pomellato (Edwards Lowell Malta)

Pomellato, a company present in over 120 countries, not only entrances generations with its beauty and attention to detail, but also places special emphasis on production, quality, and caring for the environment.

Pomellato MaltaPomellato History


Founded in 1967, on the ideas and intuitions of Pino Rabolini, a man born in the industry and heir to a family of goldsmiths, Pomellato soon saw its founder become the first man to introduce the concept of prêt-à-porter to the world of jewellery.

With a strong brand identity and a very distinctive look to their products, Pomellato became the fifth jewellery company in Europe, and one of the biggest contenders in the entire sector on the international market.

The brands’ rise to fame is all down to the dynamic personality and telltale style of their creations, as well as their combinations of stones in all shapes and hues. All this, coupled with flawless manufacturing that is of fundamental importance to the company, has made Pomellato a brand to be reckoned with.

Pomellato Products and Manufacturing

Consistency and tradition are at the basis of the brand but, unlike others, Pomellato drives its range further by constantly renewing its collections through dynamism and modernity while maintaining the original values.


                                                                             DODO BRACELET IN SILVER BEADS WITH VARIOUS ANIMAL CHARMS IN PRECIOUS STONES.

Each collection tells a story and gives the ‘mood’ of the time when it was created while keeping a classic style that never goes out of fashion.

One of their signature pieces is the ‘Dodo’, a little jewel with a huge personality. It was launched 20 years ago and was created to further expand the range by using just one gram of gold. Originally aimed at younger generations, it wasn’t long before its classic style and impeccable charm also won over the adults.

Besides being beautiful, this jewel also came with a very important message. It was intended as part of Pomellato’s support for WWF Italy, to heighten the customers’ awareness of problems related to endangered species.

Merely three years later, and just in time for their 40th anniversary, Pomellato turned its focus to the other end of the spectrum. This time they created ‘Pom Pom’ – which are rings conceived around individual stones, unique in their rarity, large sizes and irregular shapes.

With their timeless charm and modern cuts and tints, these gems epitomise the Pomellato style and keep its spirit alive through colour, artisanship, love for irregularity and anti-conformism.

Edwards, Lowell Co Ltd exclusively distributes Pomellato in Malta. To view the latest collection, please visit one of our Edwards Lowell shops in St Julian’s and Valletta, or call us on +356 21 38 4503.

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