Brand Spotlight: Rolex (A Symbol of Excellence)

There are few brands that can get hearts racing like Rolex… Here’s why.

Dreamed up in the early 20th century by the young visionary Hans Wilsdorf, the Rolex timepiece was the first wristwatch in the world to receive the Swiss Certificate of Chronometric Precision, granted by the Official Watch Rating Centre in Bienne.

                                                                                                                  THE OYSTER PERPETUAL DAY-DATE, 36MM, YELLOW GOLD


                                                                                                      LADY-DATEJUST PEARLMASTER, 29MM, EVEROSE GOLD & DIAMONDS

Even now, when you own a Rolex, you don’t only own a piece of master-craftsmanship, but a symbol of excellence, performance and prestige.

Only the finest materials go into making Rolexes and, in fact, one of the most defining features of the Rolex brand is that it is a true investment with a value that will never decrease.

  • One of the main reasons why Rolex is known for its durability is its inimitable waterproof oyster casing which is robust and blends form and function, whether crafted in 904L steel, 18ct gold or 950 platinum. All Oyster watches are waterproof to a depth of at least 100 metres; but that goes up to 300 metres for the Submariner divers’ models, and 3,900 metres for the Rolex Deepsea.

Merging elegant form with function, the winding crown is, in itself, a little masterpiece of technical prowess as it is made up of about 10 parts and is screwed onto a tube that forms an integral part of the watchcase.The crown ensures that nothing can get into the casing and provides access to the watch’s key functions.

  • The Cyclops lens, which magnifies the date two-and-a-half times on many Oyster models, is a Rolex invention dating back to the early 1950s. This makes for appreciably easier reading of the date and has become a signature feature of the brand.
  • The fact that the designs are elegant and timeless means that a Rolex will never go out of fashion and can be worn by generation after generation. And trust us, whether using stainless steel, gold, platinum or precious stones, only the very best goes into making Rolexes. The casing of the face itself is incredibly robust – and this is determined through the number of tests these watches are subjected to.

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